General Manager

Kathryn is a long-standing veteran of the hospitality industry.  Her passion started as a child cooking and baking with her mother and grandmother, and helping her family throw amazing holiday cocktail parties.  Kathryn moved to San Francisco in 2008 to pursue a degree in Fashion Design, using her bartending skills to support her academics. After several years honing her craft, Kathryn took on the role of Bar Manager at Two Sisters Bar and Books (2014).  When the Mikha Diaz and Christin Evans took over at The Alembic, Kathryn joined the team as Bar Manager and was promoted to General Manager in 2019. With enlightened hospitality always at the forefront, Kathryn’s bars are streamlined and efficient, making them great places to work, and comfortable places to enjoy her inventive craft.

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1725 Haight St.
San Francisco,
CA 94117