Pay Attention to the Details


XX. Team

Rachel E. Aronow

Executive Chef

Formerly the Executive Sous Chef at 3rd Cousin, Rachel was raised on the West Coast where she was exposed to a style of cooking that fused unique Latin, Eastern European, Asian, and Middle Eastern cultures and cherished traditional American influences as well as her Ashkanazi roots.

From an early age, Aronow relished creating food for her friends and family to enjoy. She remembers as a toddler her father teaching her to dice carrots with a rather large chefs knife or many times “making sauce” (a rough road of combining many condiments together in the hope something tastes good) for family dinner. After graduating California State University in 2009 (Chico, CA) with dual degrees in Political Science and International Relations, Rachel returned home to Sonoma County, CA and joined the team at Luma (Petaluma, CA). After one year at Luma, Rachel soared through the kitchen ranks and was promoted to Chef where she received a Michelin accolade. Aronow was scouted by the United States Coast Guard to be the youngest cooking instructor for their highly competitive culinary school. It was there, Aronow began a serious study of the culinary arts. Throughout her tenure, Aronow found herself inspired by advanced culinary education, mentoring young chefs in training and working alongside a multitude of different culinary professionals. During

After three years of working with the United States Coast Guard and staging in kitchens around the United States, Aronow was offered the opportunity to co-author a cookbook for cancer patients, along with a number of acclaimed chefs, local scientists, and doctors.

Throughout her culinary journey, Aronow has participated in a number of community outreach programs throughout the Bay Area. She has also been featured on the Food Network as a contestant on Guy’s Grocery Games.

Aronow’s vision for the Alembic is to bring community and fine dining together with inspired hyper seasonal offerings which represent not only her but, the team around her and their story too. As Aronow says “no great chef has done it alone. They achieved collectively by actualizing with a team from different walks of life, with different flavors, and different experiences”.

Hector Valencia

Head Barman

Hector Valencia joined The Alembic team three years ago and has since worked his way to head barman thanks to the strong tutelage of his former bar managers and talented industry peers.

Hector moved to Southern California when he was twelve years old from Guadalajara, Mexico. As an aspiring street artist, he found his way to San Francisco shortly after. When his good friend started working at The Alembic, Hector used the connection to gain work as a bar back and soon discovered his love for mixology as a new creative outlet.

Assuming the role of bar manager has allowed Hector to create a program with influence from his artistic background and south-of-the-border heritage. One of the first cocktails Hector created for The Alembic was the Brown Wolf made with mole bitters, a flavor that reminds him of his childhood.

Hector is excited to fill the shoes of the talented men and women who have come before him, while bringing his own spin on The Alembic’s classics.

Stan Gee

General Manager

Stanford “Stan” Gee is a third generation San Franciscan. His love for great food came at an early age as he spent his formative years with his grandparents in San Francisco’s North Beach while his parents worked. Stan’s appreciation for food was born from the love and care that his grandmother took to shop for the day’s meals from Little Italy and Chinatown.

Stan grew up surrounded by cuisine and was never short on culinary influences. His grandparents insisted that he help in the preparation of meals and his parents would take him to venerable spots in San Francisco like, Little Joes, Julius Castle, U.S. Café, Ping Yuen, Jacksons, Tadich Grill, and Empress of China. A family celebration at Paoli’s offered a happy hour antipasti buffet, where every Italian antipasti was on display, things a young boy could never imagine seeing let alone eating. That experience left an indelible mark that sparked his love of restaurants.

Stan studied International Finance at San Francisco State University and immediately jumped into the high-tech industry. For the next 14 years, Stan led in-house tech support teams at Fortune 500 companies. In 2002 Stan retired from high tech to finally pursue his true love — restaurants.

After crossing paths with Doug Biederbeck of BIX, Biederbeck gave Stan his first break as host. Within six months, he worked his way up to Assistant Manager and for the next 5 years managed at all three of Biederbeck’s properties Florio and MarketBar.

After leaving Biederbeck, Stan managed at Trademark and Rose’s Café before opening Martin Yan’s M.Y. China in San Francisco’s Westfield Centre as General Manager in 2012. In 2013, Stan returned to MarketBar. When the opportunity arose to join The Alembic in 2016, Stan leapt at the chance to contribute to this renowned craft cocktail bar and modern cuisine restaurant.